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Meet Emily

My Vision


Through all of my work I aim to help you build that connection with yourself, a connection between mind, body and spirit. I hold a space to come back you yourself away from our busy lives. Moving together and talking together during classes, workshops and courses allows us to build a sense of community and a connection to others through a shared experience.

As an artist, creativity is at the heart of my being and something I bring to my classes. This is something I also strive to inspire in others.

Movement has been a part of my life since I was 3 years old. It has been a way of connecting to myself, to others and a way of expressing myself. I believe that movement is the essence of being.

My work centres around working with people, whether that be collaborating with other artists in the studio or out connecting with communities. I believe that stories connect us all and the more that stories are shared the less isolated people feel.

I create a safe space in all of my classes to feel, explore and connect. 


Dance Artist 

Yoga Teacher 

Personal Coach

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